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Post Frme Buildings

Cleary Post Frame Buildings

Since 1978 Cleary Building Corp. has manufactured customized Post Frame pre-engineered structures. More commonly referred to as “pole barns”. From farm buildings to horse arenas, garages, workshops and more; manufacturing quality buildings at an affordable price.  Cleary buildings consist of wood frame with pre-painted steel panels used for roofing and siding. This type of building provides for a long-lasting, low-maintenance, cost effective structure.

Conventional and steel framed buildings require the additional cost and installation of an engineered concrete foundation to support the structure prior to construction of the building. The foundation for the

Cleary building is designed to have the building columns placed in ground. A level building pad is all that is required to start construction of your Cleary building. A concrete floor can be poured after the building has been enclosed. This reduces the time frame for construction and results in cost savings.


Cleary buildings utilize Treated Non-spliced 3-Ply Columns. The structural columns are nail-laminated assembly consisting of a minimum of three plies of #1 southern yellow pine treated in accordance with the American Wood Preservers Association Standard, Latest Addition and are guaranteed against rot or decay for 50 years.

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